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Full Length, One Act, 10 Minute & Monologues

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People Should Talk About What's Real

Full Length, 120 minutes

Currently in development, A Stage of Her Own Play Development

Drew University


Irreverent livestream comedian Natalie and her husband Josh struggle to conceive, while across the City historian Katherine and her husband Rathanak “Ryan” debate whether or not to adopt, all against the background of the isolating global pandemic. They don't realize that they are connected by a history deeper than it appears on the surface through the figure of Patty, an aged abortion activist living on a Wisconsin ranch, until their fates come together in a fertility clinic waiting room.


Finalist, the Henley Rose Playwriting Award 2022

Reading, Chester Theatre Group, Chester NJ March 2022

Reading, Baltimore Playwrights Festival, 2022-2023 season

Semi-finalist, Bay Area Playwrights’ Festival, 2023

Finalist, Bay Street Theatre Title Wave, 2023

Casting: 2 M, 3 W

The Grape Nerds Reunion

Full-Length, 120 minutes

How can we ever know what anyone else is going through?" Ten years after high school, six former classmates remember–or don’t– the impact they’ve had on each other’s lives. Like any bad high school reunion, there’s moonshine, an acoustic guitar solo, and–of course—crying in the bathroom (“Was our high school secretly a soap opera?”). After all, when it comes to high school, why look back?

Just Write Lakeland virtual reading, July 2022

Chatham Community Players table reading, November 2022

Casting: 3 M, 4 W

The Little Sister

One Act, 15-Minute

After an illegal abortion goes horribly wrong, the two women who lost the most — a soul sister, and a biological sister — must grapple with the aftermath. Does one become an activist by choice, by circumstance, or by the simple fact of realizing you live in a body that is politicized? This short play examines these questions in the context of sisterhood.

3rd place runner-up (cash prize), A is for Abortion, Manhattan, February 2022

 EF Academy Feminist One Act Festival, New York, March 2023

Casting: 2W

Grape Nerds Reunion.jpg

The Grape Nerds Reunion
One Act, 10 Minute Play

 Mike and Alyssa are connected by a past he can’t remember. When they meet at a high school reunion, Alyssa confides in Mike her mental health history—and he realizes the impact an encounter from a decade ago could have.

Open Eye theatre, Margaretville NY, August 2021

Equity Library Theatre, Manhattan, October 2021

Apollo Civic Theater, Martinsburg WV, February 2022

Chatham Community Players, Chatham NJ, July 2022

The Actor’s Center, Washington DC, July 2022

Publication, Smith & Krauss Best Ten Minute Plays,2023

Casting: 1 M, 1 F

The Memory Palace
One Act, 10-Minutes

Budding real estate agent Amelia bites off more she can chew with her first sale, evicting depressed Todd from the house he cared for his mother in while she suffered from Alzheimer's. This is a play for caregivers.

Coalescence Showcase, Washington DC, November 2022

1 M, 1 W


The Wives- A Post-2022 American Abortion Odyssey
One Act, 45 minutes
Previous title: The Senator and His Wife Go on Retreat

Two couples face the same harrowing choice over their wanted, non-viable pregnancies. But given the different worlds each couple operates in, are they really facing the same choices?


Blank Page Theatre Company, Manhattan, July 2023 (under previous title)

Cellunova Theatre, Manhattan, October 2023

Casting: 2 M, 2 F, 1-5 NB (doubling)

Lessons in Feeling Human.png

Lessons in Feeling Human
One Act, 55 Minutes

What risks do we take to feel normal and loved in the most abnormal of circumstances? At three points during the spring 2020 lockdown, two neighbors connect deeply on the fire escape, a place separate from their "real world" lives in a time when the "real world" no longer exists. What happens on the fire escape doesn't always stay on the fire escape, and in "the real world", Amy is in a lackluster marriage. Her time with Ricky helps her determine what she wants her life to look like, once lockdown is over. 

MD Virtual Ensemble, December 2020

Casting: 1 M, 1 F


Bacon With Dad
One Act, 10 Minutes

What is the perfect day, one you relive in dreams? If your father’s dying, it’s a perfect, normal morning with him. In this play about our subconscious desires, Jessie’s father returns to prompt her to ask an overwhelming question.


Geneva Theatre Guild, April 2023

The Theatre Project, Union NJ, January 2022

Carlow Little Theatre, November 2020

Casting: 1 F, 2 M

stuck at the top.jpg

Stuck on the Top With You
One Act, Ten Minutes

A divorced couple find themselves stuck together on the top of a roller coaster for ten minutes. What do they learn about their shared history and co-parenting relationship?

Reno Little Theatre, July 2020

Fusion Theatre New Mexico (AEA production), December 2020

West Milford Players, March 2023

Casting: 1 M, 1 F


Fragile Deliveries
One Act, 15 minutes

Could you go back to delivering babies, after having an abortion? In this thought-provoking take on abortion and adoption, two maternity ward nurses of different generations confront the history of choice through a conversation. 

Reading by No Small Part, August 2020, video here.

Casting: 2 F


I Hate Living in the Caldwells
One Act- Twenty Minutes, Zoom

When a nice white PTA mom accidentally creates chaos on the town's Facebook page by creating a fundraiser to sell covid facemasks branded with the town's racist mascot, what's an unemployed ombudsman to do but call a Zoom meeting of all the offended parties? This twenty-minute one act spoofs a phenomena well-known to suburbanites: the political argument on the town's Facebook page.

Finalist, Old Library Theatre one-act festival, 2021. 

Pandemic Birthday Card.jpg

Pandemic Birthday Card, a monologue

In this five-minute monologue written for Zoom performance, a grandfather wishes his grandson a happy birthday from the isolation of a nursing home with a covid-19 outbreak.

Barn Theatre virtual monologue showcase, August 2020.

5 min, 1 M.

Copy of Copy of Bacon With Dad.png

The Waiting Room
One Act- 15 Minutes

When loud-mouth comedian Natalie violates the fight club etiquette of the waiting room of a fertility clinic, an
unexpected and hilarious friendship forms between her and Katherine, another women who is
waiting…not just to see the doctor, but to have a chance to start her family.

Irvington Theatre, Irvington NY March 2021

The Actor's Center, Washington DC, July 2023

Copy of Copy of Bacon With Dad (1).png

Is it Enough
One-Act, 15 minutes

Paul and his wife Mary clash with Paul’s father James as it becomes clear that James disapproves of Paul and Mary’s adopted children. As Paul and Mary discuss what it takes to be a family, they stumble upon a discussion over what is enough to make them happy.

Developed through NJ PlayLab Play Gym. 

25 minutes, 1 F, 2 M.

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